Cancellation And Refund Policy

Payment, Fees and Taxes

The User agrees to pay all service fees, consulting fees and other fees applicable to User’s use of Services and the User shall not circumvent the fee structure. The fee is dependent on the Package that User purchases and not on actual usage of the Services.

Each User / member is solely responsible for payment of all taxes, legal compliances, statutory registrations and reporting. Seva At Home is in no way responsible for any of the taxes except for its own income tax.

The fees could be paid online through the facility made on the Website. Third parties support and services are required to process online fee payment. Seva At Home is not responsible for any loss or

damage caused to User during this process as these third parties are beyond the control of Seva At Home. The fees could also be paid offline and be either collected personally from the User.

All fees are exclusive of applicable taxes.

Seva At Home reserves the right to modify the fee structure by updating the fee structure on the Website which shall be considered as valid and agreed communication.

In order to process the payments, Seva At Home might require details of User’s bank account, credit card number, etc.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Seva At Home reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment without any prior notice. The time provided for services is indicative and actual time for availing the Services may change depending on the availability of the providers. The user/customer can reschedule or cancel the service.

In case of cancellation or non-confirmation of the appointment by Seva At Home due to any reason, the user/customer may ask for rescheduling the appointment within 7 (seven) days and if user/customer fails to reschedule the appointment with 7 (seven) days then such user/customer will not be entitled for any refund or cancellation of the payment as may be made to Seva At Home.

No refund will be given after 7 (seven) days from the day the payment is made to the company. However, in case a written request for refund reaches the company within 7 (seven) days, the entire amount paid (without interest-subject to a deduction of INR 150/- (Indian Rupees One Hundred and Fifty) towards administrative charges) will be credited for any further purchase of similar or exceeding amount within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from date of cancellation.

However, If the user is not interested in the credit note as mentioned in point no. C of cancellation Policy, then The stated amount due for refund shall be processed within 7 (seven) business working days from the date of the cancellation, subject to all terms and conditions being met successfully. In case of cash payment, the money will be transferred through Bank a/c NEFT or Cheque.

Seva At Home shall not be responsible in any manner for any inconvenience or loss caused to the user as a result of such rescheduling or cancellation. Further Seva At Home reserve the right to refuse Service at any time without providing any reasons.