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Ambulance Services

Quick response time can save lives

When you become a Seva PRO member, your employees always get prompt medical care through our ambulance-on-call service. In case of emergencies, a fully-equipped ambulance will transport the employee from the workplace to a hospital for treatment. Staffed by trained medical professionals, our ambulance service can save lives by drastically reducing the amount of time taken to reach the medical facility, and by providing care inside the ambulance itself. Corporates can choose between having a basic ambulance or an advanced one available to them.

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Fixed At Premises Ambulance

Stationed at the corporate premises 24*7

Ambulance On Call

Ambulance just a phonecall away

Trained Nurses & Paramedics

Basic or advanced ambulance with health staff basis requirement

Prompt Transport to the Hospital

No delays, immediate transport to hospital

Emergency Plan for Employees

Comfort and emergency plan for your staff

Trusted by 70+ corporates

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