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Customised on-site medical room solutions for the workplace

Seva At Home’s on-site medical rooms are the first course of treatment in case of an emergency at the workplace. Fully equipped with all vital first-aid material, our trained healthcare professionals aid in the treatment and preventive care of employees and foster a culture of wellness within the organisation. Our medical rooms are currently being used by corporates, residential welfare associations, educational institutes, manufacturing units, events spaces and more.

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Our MBBS/AFIH certified physicians and specialists regularly visit the onsite medical room


Trained to raise the company's wellness quotient, each medical room is assigned a dedicated nurse who can administer basic first-aid and life support and handle emergencies

Medicine Supply

For Seva PRO companies, the medical room comes equipped with medicines

Equipment Supply

State-of-the-art medical equipment can be made available in the medical room at special rates

Health Dashboard

Capture workplace health data in a standardised format and provide regular analysis reports to the companies, including trends and footfall. Fitness certificates can also be provided when required

Culture of Health

Regular health talks and seminars, medical camps, infection control management help create a culture of health and wellness at the workplace

Employee Benefits

Along with boosting employee productivity, our medical rooms can serve as a bridge to improve employer-employee relationships and identify disease-causing enviromental factors

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