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At-home caregiver and nurse services for employees

With our extensive network of partner providers, employees across the country can avail healthcare services of the highest standard from the comfort of their homes. Our team of healthcare professionals includes doctors, nurses, caretakers, and therapists, all of whom can provide a range of services, including rehabilitation, post-surgery care, and ongoing treatment for chronic conditions.

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Doctor at Home

Our expert physicians will visit the patient at home to conduct initial assessments

Nurse at Home

We have various short- and long-term plans for nurse-at-home services

Caregiver at Home

When extra support is needed, our trained caretakers offer round-the-clock compassionate care

Nutritionist at Home

To help create a diet plan that works for unique requirements and aids in recovery

Physiotherapist at Home

At-home sessions to improve mobility and help gain physical strength

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Employees have 24x7 access to doctors and specialists

Medical Room

Employees have access to onsite nurses and doctors


A basic or advanced ambulance can be made available on call