Critical Care Nurse

Job Description

  • Coordinate with healthcare team members to evaluate, plan, and implement patient care plans
  • Prepare and administer (orally, subcutaneously, through an IV) prescribed medications
  • Provide basic bedside care including dressing changes, catheter care, assisting the patient with moving, and taking vital signs
  • Monitor patients for subtle or sudden changes in ventilation, renal, and cardiac status
  • Report adverse reactions to treatments or medication
  • Order, interpret and evaluate diagnostic tests to assess a patient’s condition
  • Quickly identify when a patient decompensates and alert the rest of the critical care team
  • Initiate corrective action when a patient displays adverse symptoms
  • Monitor and adjust specialized electronic equipment such as cardiac monitors, respirators, ventilators, and oxygen pumps
  • Act as a patient advocate, by respecting the basic rights, beliefs, and values of the patient
  • Communicate essential and appropriate information about a patient’s condition to family members and significant others
  • Provide comfort and end-of-life care
Eligibility Criteria: B.Sc Nursing or GNM with registration
Salary Offered: Negotiable
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